Beginning the Journey

After  six months of  working through the application process for a position of EA for the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine/Israel, I was ready for the two-week orientation  at Scarborough Missions in Toronto on  Jan 4. There I met  18 other people from other denominations and countries who are going to all corners of the world.  I was consistantly placed just beyond my comfort zone- great preparation for my placement – as I was exposed to my cultural bias, theology, technology, public speaking, International law, as well as an abbreviated history of the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

My most memorable session was with Bob Holmes, a Basilan Priest working with Christian Peacemakers, http://,  who taught us techniques of non violent intervention. I had seen him in two episodes of ‘Extreme Clergy’ on  Channel 21, Vision TV. In one, he was in Israel/Palestine and in the other he was in Columbia. I was amazed at the work he was doing and felt privileged to have him share some of his experiences with me.

I am  now reading, trying to learn a little Arabic,  brushing up on my computer skills  and getting in shape. The next two weeks will go quickly!

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4 Responses to Beginning the Journey

  1. Valerie O'Connell says:

    We look forward to regular updates of your journey, stay safe. Hugs from snowy, cold, damp NL.

  2. Barb Myles says:

    Pat, we are following you from St. John’s as you take part in the EA program, and are eager to hear about all the new experiences you will have through your blog. Hugs and prayers. Barb Myles

  3. Marie Dawe says:

    Great to hear what’s happening there from the eyes of people we care so much about.
    It really hits a soft spot in my heart!

  4. terry whelan says:

    Man’s inhumanity to man and you are a witness that we are products of our environment. All this sadly in the name of the God of our understanding and indoctrination from childhood. Keeping an open mind, we know that it still exists within our own Christian denominations at home and worldwide. One day at a time; one person at a time; begining with ourselves, we can make a difference please God. Keep up the good work and be safe. Your observations are well written and cause for self examination of my own thinking about cultures and politics about which I have very little understanding but a lot of comment.
    Barb’s husband Terry

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