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A day in the life of an EA

The morning began at 5:30 to monitor an agricultural gate which opens from 5.45 to 6.15. I am still outraged that these farmers have half an hour in the morning to access their land. It is a 20 minute walk downhill and … Continue reading

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Time for Tea

  ‘Hey guys, there’s  the Military police up ahead. I wonder what’s up’,  exclaims Rev. Loren McGrail, EA from Chicago, USA.  Bishop Richard Llewellin, EA from Canterbury England, Juergan Duilles, and I were immediately attentive. Experience has shown  that this usually … Continue reading

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Road to Paradise No More

My uncle, Gorden Gear, bought land just outside Grand falls, NL, just before he retired. It became his passion. He took a litle bit of the forest and created a northern’ Garden of Eden’. He planted fruit and nut trees, ornamental … Continue reading

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